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Program Overview


Himayat is a part of the Skills Empowerment and Employability (SEE) scheme of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) recommended by the Rangarajan Committee. Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) acts as the nodal agency for the project. Himayat has its focus on bridging the gap between the industry requirements and the skill set of the youth, so that more employment opportunities can be generated.

Himayat, meaning support, intends to benefit the youth of Jammu & Kashmir with an employment linked skills training program. The project envisages to train and place over 100000 youths of J&K in the next five years. The skill training is to be imparted for multiple sectors like items, Retail, Hospitality etc.


Salient Features

  • The implementation of Himayat will be done by private companies or NGOs
  • The scheme aims to target 1,00,000 youth in 5 years
  • Training centres will be developed at the block level where youth will be trained
  • Support will be available for trainees after training, during placement as well

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